What Others Say

What Others Say About Mind Lab






Howard MacPhersonHead of Middle School Scotch College, Adelaide


Jill BradfordDeputy Head and Year 6 teacher, Wilderness Junior School, Adelaide


Nathan RiceMind Lab Coordinator and Year 3 teacher, Wilderness Junior School, Adelaide


Nadav Agozi Mind Lab Group, Chief Judge 6th International Mind Olympics, Portugal 2011





What others say about EDLounge



“EDLounge personalises the learning for those students that are the most difficult to engage and have low attendance patterns. Its capacity for skill development and independent learning is enormous. Young people start to experience success almost immediately once their personal path is developed based on their learning needs. Its web-based function makes it available 24/7. Students complete work and receive immediate feedback which stimulates the motivation
levels to keep going with their set learning path. In some cases where our cohort have used EDLounge it has been the first time a student has experienced success with their learning. A very powerful online tool!”

Mary Asikas, Principal,
Seaford 6-12 School, South Australia


“EDLounge has provided many of our at risk students with a new way of engaging with learning. Students actually enjoy their learning using EDLounge. We have developed custom learning paths for students with behaviour issues, with special needs, with our Adult students, mainstream students and students in off campus case management. EDLounge is a useful formative tool that provides our students with learning experiences that compliment summative assessment. The support from EDLounge has been excellent and the opportunity to contribute to developing the resource and customise to our context is great. .”

Clayton Disley, Assistant Principal,
Christies Beach High School, South Australia


“Christies Beach High School incorporates Excellence as part our value statement. EDLounge has provided us with the capacity to promote excellence and engagement to every member of our school community. This has included students with special needs and adult learners. EDLounge has enabled us to re-engage students who have been removed from class for
behavioural reasons and also to extend students with learning which is above their year level. This is made possible because we can start at the skill level where the students are at in nearly every subject they are studying. EDLounge has assisted us in making student learning the core of every aspect of their schooling even when students have been suspended or excluded. This has been one of the most comprehensive software resources that has been implemented at this school.”

Hugh Serfontein,
Middle School Coordinator. Christies Beach High School, South Australia