About Chris

Chris Ramsden has a depth of experience in education and a love of educating through play.

Chris started his journey as an educator in 1990. He taught physical education in an inner city government school in the UK for 11 years. He became Head of Senior School after 3 years, a management position which he enjoyed until leaving for Australia in 2001. Chris was recognised by the UK inspecting body ‘OFSTED’ as an outstanding teacher, and he went on to develop pastoral and curriculum initiatives in the school. In 1999 Chris returned to Australia, (having back packed in 1986) with his wife Alison on an educational exchange to Ulladulla in New South Wales. This served to galvanise them into a permanent move and they have settled happily into life in Adelaide where they have family connections.

Arriving in Adelaide in 2001, Chris continued his vocation at Immanuel College as a teacher of physical education and Head of Boys Sport. In 2003 he moved to Scotch College as Head of Physical Education. During his time at Scotch, Chris immersed himself fully in College life, and, as well as leading as Head of Faculty, he also relished the challenge as Head of House where his love of the holistic development of students was to the fore.

The birth of their daughter Jessica in 2004 started a new chapter for the family and has re-affirmed for Chris the immense importance of getting education right in the formative years. Grounded as he is in games and play, the opportunity to contribute to the educational development of young people through the Mind Lab methodology and recently through EDLounge proved irresistible.

Thus Chris resigned from Scotch at the end of 2006 and has embarked on a quest to spread the globally successful Mind Lab to the Adelaide and Australian market.

“I entered the noble profession of teaching with a familiar aim; to make a difference! More and more in recent times, education has seemed to reflect the filling of bottles rather than the lighting of candles. I see a major part of my developing mission as introducing contemporary methodologies and technologies to the 21st century education environment, so that once again I can feel content to be making a difference. Games are a microcosm of society and have immense potential to develop thinking skills alongside social, emotional and ethical considerations. I know from my experience as a teacher that students have grown from their involvement in game environments and to be able to contribute to their cognitive reasoning and transference across subject areas is very exciting.”